Our Services

Apple Securities provides professional security services to all industries and sectors in Singapore. Our guards are qualified in security services and customer care.

Our Professional Services
Guard Services
Patrolling & Clocking
Key Press Management
Car Park Enforcement
Emergency Response
Crowd Control & Body Search
Intelligent Video Surveillance
Access Control
Security & Risk Assessment
Automated Systems – Backend Enterprise systems

Apple Securities will work towards enhancing the vastly expanding  boundaries of human potential, especially in the value of performance aided by latest cutting-edge technology.

We are proud to have acquired capabilities in the world’s award winning advanced video surveillance solution. This is our partner’s solution that provides edge-cutting video analytics that has been evaluated and endorsed by a renowned and authoritative organisation in this field.

During heightened security period, we are capable of additional services such as ‘scanning’ of bags left unattended at public places and able to probe on the contents inside the luggage.

We provide security services for ad-hoc events, which includes video surveillance analytics, access control and crowd control. These tools allow the security team to ensure there is no over-crowding and manpower is re-allocated to hot spots during an event.